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Ninja Warrior has taken the world by storm.  It has become increasingly popular by all age groups and abilities.  The process of attempting an obstacle and advancing forward is extremely rewarding and motivating.  This motivation is what keeps this sport growing by leaps and bounds. 

Our mission is not just to provide a fun way to workout.  The world is full of confidence killers and we are here to turn this around.  Our coaches and staff are all working in unison with the members to support and encourage accomplishment and build a real sense of confidence.  We've created an incredible culture of friendship and a feeling of belonging.  Finding a place to belong is something we all crave as humans.  This along with a strengthened confidence is our goal.  What better place to find this than our Ninja Warrior gym.  Confidence, exercise, encouragement, strength, friends, belonging, advancement.

Wally Roskelley - Owner

Competed American Ninja Warrior seasons 8 & 9.

He is also a UNAA World Championship qualifier.

Yes, the picture is Blue Steel. 

Wally is passionate about outdoor sports namely,

rock climbing, snowboarding, mountain biking and

canyoneering.  He played competitive

Ultimate Frisbee and many years of baseball and

coaching youth sports. 



Ty Bennett - Owner

ninja is a family affair. Three of his kids

compete in Ninja and his son Drew is on

American Ninja Warrior Jr Season 3. 

Ty is a bestselling author and keynote speaker

who is passionate about leadership, growth

and high performance. 

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