Ninja Classes 

Ninja Classes can be life-changing.  This has become the main sport/activity for many kids.  We do obstacle course completion,  teach strength, burn a million calories, and build in  some serious confidence. 





Weekly Ninja Class

Cost: $65/month.   Start any day of the month.  The first payment will be prorated and charged on the first of the next month.  Autopayments come out on the 1st of each month.

Comes with 1 Open Gym pass per month. 

Impact Pass

Cost: $95/mo    ($65 + $30)

Class each week plus Unlimited Open Gym.  

Register for your class AND for the Impact pass in order to receive this discounted price.

Unlimited Open Gym

Cost: $50/mo per person


Family Pass - Unlimited Open Gym

Cost $100/month.   The whole family can come to unlimited Open Gym.  Immediate family only.

You will only need to sign up under ONE NAME for the whole family.   

Homeschool - Unlimited Open Gym

Cost: $30 per month per person.   This can only be used for Open Gym between 11:00 am to 4:00pm Mon-Friday.  


All payments are setup on auto-pay for the first of each month.  Start class any day of the month and the first months payment will be prorated.

Registration Fee:  $0

Cancellation Fee: $0 

Year-long contract: no



Our main affirmations/goals are:  Confidence, Respect, and Progress.  We as humans love to feel progress.  It drives us, it makes us feel important, it makes us feel accomplished.   Each week, students get a little better and a little further on different obstacles.  This progress is easily measured and has done wonders to the mind-frame of each individual.  We've had countless students find a true home in this sport and we've cultivated a serious comradery with all who enter.  

Some students want to take their skills to the competition.  We have competitions every few months.  The NNL Ninja association competitions held each year and can qualify Ninjas for the world finals.  Check out our Competitions Schedule to see if there is one coming up. Come on down and join the Ninja mayhem.

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