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FAQ: Open Gym

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Welcome to Open Gym!

If you’re reading this, it probably means, you are interested in coming down to visit the Ninja Playground, but you want more information. Because most people will probably visit during one of our open gym sessions, here is an article explaining the in’s and out’s of open gym.

Before we go on, check out our other FAQ’s to get all of your questions answered.

Now, let’s answer your questions.

What Happens During Open Gym?

Open gym is a time when there are no formal classes going on in the Ninja Playground. Essentially anyone who wants to can come train on the equipment. There will always be at least one employee of the Ninja Playground working, but everyone else are generally visitors just like you.

Usually you’ll come in and pay at the front desk. Then you’ll either sign the waiver, or having already done that, you get to go play. You can run and climb on all of the equipment, trying to overcome each obstacle. We have big pads underneath most of them, so don’t be afraid to fall, but make sure to do it safely.

Who Can Come During Open Gym?

The nice part about the open gym hours is that anyone can come. If you are 7 years old and you want to play, great! If you are 60, that’s great too (just be safe on the course). Anyone can come as long as the waiver has been signed and the entrance fee has been paid.

Usually our open gym periods introduce people to the Ninja Playground, and they often come back for a birthday party, Young Single Adult activity, or even a company party.

Do I need to be trained on the equipment?

No one needs to be trained on the equipment to enjoy the Ninja Playground. Simply attempt them and enjoy the playground.

You can ask for tips and tricks from other guests as well as employees if you see them. They might be busy with official Ninja Playground business, so be gracious if they aren’t able to offer help. They’re really nice though so most of the time they’ll help out.

People hanging out at the Ninja Playground during Open Gym

What if I’m Not Skilled?

Don’t worry about skill level. If you want to improve your skill level, check out our classes, and even our private coaching. Otherwise, just come have fun and enjoy the environment. It’s even better if you bring a friend because you can enjoy each others’ triumphs and laugh at your falls.

Hopefully this answered your questions about “Open Gym”. The next step is to try it out! It’s a great place for everyone in the family.

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